Montana vacation search engine for tourists

Just in time for the 2018 travel season, Montana Traveler launches a high performance custom search engine this week aimed at Montana tourists. The new search engine runs off the Google Custom platform and is on the Web at a special Web address: General searches in major commercial search engines can produce a lot of clutter. Not so with The iYaak database is highly selective, including mainly local Montana websites. This makes search highly efficient and returns complete relevance in search results. iYaak defines wants and needs of tourists quite broadly. If someone seeks a different kind of lodging experience such as a vacation rental or a cabin in the wilderness, delivers. Some tourists may want to look like a cowboy or cowgirl. If so, iYaak guides them to major stores that sell western wear. Montana culture is part of what’s retrieved in iYaak search, too. Museums and art galleries are easily discovered in iYaak. And in case fido has an emergency, iYaak points travelers to a few Vets in Bozeman, Missoula and other major cities. iYaak finds more tradition services too, such as restaurants and hotels., the parent site for, is a premium Montana website for travelers and tourists. Web pages in Montana Traveler feature most cities in Montana, big and small. Other Montana Traveler pages showcase major geographic regions in Montana. The author and publisher of Montana Traveler, offers a special perspective of Montana sure to please most travelers.