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City Vineyard - Premium Wines, Craft Beers, Gourment Food in Billings, Montana

When traveling in Montana, there are many places that really standout. In Billings, the City Vineyard lands at the top of places to go.

City Vineyard, Billings, Montana

By offering a great selection of premium wines, craft beers, and gourmet food, City Vineyard hits a big 10 in anyone’s book. Wines come from all over the world, even Napa Valley if you want the best of California. In the restaurant, panini sandwiches, charcuterie, soup, salads, and more, all savory and yum.

On the menu, a German panini made of sliced ham, cheddar, and lemon fig, so good. Sicilian meatballs, salmon cucumber canape, and Cali chicken are other favorites. For dessert, try their wild strawberry cheesecake.

Wines City Vineyard Billings Montana

Even the architecture is so inviting at City Vineyard. The architects who design this place gave everything much thought. Diners can have a meal and, wine or beer, at tables or be seated at a bar in the restaurant, then a few steps away enter the gourmet food and wine store, with its large selection.

Then a couple of more steps away, still inside, is City Brew, the finest coffee shop in all of Billings.

When visiting City Vineyard, you will want to stay awhile and then hurry back at first opportunity. City Vineyard is in far west Billings on Grand Avenue.  MTbest™

John Sandy
Absaroka Mountain, Mont.

Montana Traveler

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