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Hey mom, let's have a Montana-made ice cream cone

When traveling in Montana, mom wants to keep the kids happy.  How to do this?  Stop at a Sweet Peaks Ice Cream shop in Whitefish (419 ½ Third Street), Kalispell (343 South Main Street), Missoula (223 West Front Street) or Bozeman (628 West Main Street). 

Shops open at noon and serve until 9:00 P.M., daily, except on Friday and Saturday, open until 10:00 P.M.

This Montana-owned business has an amazing formula for making the best ice cream.  Flavors to die for:  Flathead Cherry Chocolate, Lemon Ginger Rose Sherbet, Mint Cookies and Cream, and many others.  A four-ounce cone of Flathead Cherry Chocolate, $3.  A deal for sure! You can buy a tasty sundae here, too, a Strawberry Cornflake, anyone?

 You guessed right, Sweet Peaks Ice Cream shops even sell another Montana treat:  Stumptown Jam Co. Huckleberry Jam, a nine-ounce jar, $8. 

The manger says on the company’s Web page, this is “Mountain Made Ice Cream.”  Just marketing or is this stuff much better than other ice cream. YUM is the word!  Go try a cone or cup full today.

Montana ice cream


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