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Parking tips for visitors in Bozeman, Montana


Traffic is heavy on Main Street in downtown Bozeman.  Parking spaces along both sides of Main Street are usually at full capacity.  Don’t despair.  The city offers over 2000 spaces for public parking on or near Main Street in the area of downtown.  For parking off Main Street, look for public parking lots located on streets that run close by to the north and south sides of Main Street.  Parking for the first two hours is free.  If a vehicle stays in the same place for more than two hours a ticket is issued.  This is all very generous, but if you dine and do a little shopping time can pass fast.  So, pay attention.  For longer parking, Bridger Park Garage is nearby (for $1.00 per hour after first two hours), between Tracy and Black Avenues along Mendenhall Street just to the north side of Main Street.   


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