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We want to hear from you about travel in Montana


Montana Traveler wants to hear from you about the good stuff related to travel in Montana.

Categories are: (1) Why tourists will love my town in Montana; (2) The best cultural attraction in Montana don’t miss this place/event; (3) An outdoor activity/experience in Montana that visitors will remember for a lifetime; (4) A favorite Montana restaurant tourists will write home about; (5) For nature at its best see this area in Montana; (6) Lodging in Montana that is superior in every way; (7) Just to have a good time in Montana, tourists, children or adults, will really enjoy this.

Choose a category from above. If your “story” is interesting and convincing, Montana Traveler may publish it. Limit 500 words or less, subject to editing, if accepted, by Montana Traveler. Only one (1) submission per person, please. Published posts may be removed from the site at a later date.

Before you start writing, tell us about your idea for a “story.”  Submissions are only accepted after direct invitation by the Administrator of Red Lodge Post. No guarantee that your story will be published, however, as publication of submission(s) is entirely at the discretion of the publisher.  Submit your idea here.  Thank you

Here is an example of a published submission from Karisa in Lewistown.

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