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Snapshot of Billings


Billings (pop. 109,550) is called Montana’s Trailhead. From Billings, travelers can easily reach many destinations in south-central Montana and the Bighorn Basin in northwest Wyoming. The northeast entrance to Yellowstone National park is a short drive from Billings.

One major interstate highway, IH 94, connects Billings with points to the east including Bismarck and Minneapolis. A second interstate highway, IH 25, connects Billings with cities in central Wyoming and south to Denver.  Going west from Billings yet another interstate highway, IH 90, connects with Missoula, Spokane, and Seattle. Many flights arrive at Billings Logan International Airport each day.

Billings MT
Swords Park in Billings. Photo Courtesy Visit Billings.

Billings is a major trade, medical, and entertainment center. And the city is a shopping hub for a huge geographic area. Great dining choices here, even yummy German cuisine at the Oktoberfest German Restaurant in west Billings.

Billings offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, and major attractions are nearby. At the top of the list are the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Area southwest of Billings and, for history buffs, the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument located a few miles southeast of Billings. Visitors to Billings often stop by Zoo Montana to learn about and experience nature, without having to take a trip into the wild.

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Montana Gifts and Souvenirs


Besides having fun in the great outdoors, tourists often shop at local gift stores. Merchants offer lots of interesting things to buy, saying I’ve been to Montana. You can find a nifty t-shirt with a picture of native wildlife, a beer mug from a local craft brewery, a baseball cap embroidered with a bear and the name of a quaint small town, say Bigfork. A jar of huckleberry preserves is another favorite delight made locally. Choices are many.

A souvenir of some sort is always nice. Bring back memories of fun and experiences had on your trip to Montana, even years later.

In case you cannot find a special gift for yourself or family and friends back home, consider that digital shopping is only a click away. All kinds of things that say “Montana” can be purchased online.

Montana businesses have great Web sites for buying everything from art to food from Montana kitchens. Eva Gates will send you huckleberry preserves. Randy McIntyre offers art for your den and more delights. Many “Made in Montana” e-merchants are waiting for your order.

Etsy.com is always good option as this shopping Web site has a huge inventory of Montana stuff to choose from. Maybe best though, when you shop at a local gift shop, say in Red Lodge or Bigfork, you can immediately enjoy, especially local food products or clothing items.

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