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Climate represents average weather data collected over decades. After viewing the data in this table, you can get a general idea of the kind of weather you might expect when you visit this city in a particular month of the year.

From day-to-day, hour-to-hour, temperatures can vary a lot. It’s likely that you will experience close to the mean maximum high and mean minimum low. The mean average temperature for the month is a useful way to view this city’s temperature, as well.

Month Total Precipitation Normal (inches) Mean Max Temperature Normal (°F) Mean Min Temperature Normal (°F) Mean Avg Temperature Normal (°F)
Jan 0.48 36.4 17.8 27.1
Feb 0.48 40.2 20.6 30.4
Mar 1.06 48.6 26.9 37.7
Apr 1.66 57.6 34.7 46.2
May 2.18 67.5 43.6 55.6
Jun 2.12 77.2 52.1 64.7
Jul 1.32 86.8 58.8 72.8
Aug 0.75 85.7 57.3 71.5
Sep 1.30 73.1 47.5 60.3
Oct 1.18 59.4 37.1 48.2
Nov 0.63 45.3 26.3 35.8
Dec 0.50 35.2 17.8 26.5
Annual 13.66 59.4 36.7 48.1


Billings climate
Billings, Montana temperature: mean high temperature, mean low temperature, and mean average temperature. Mean is a term for average.

Climate information is useful for planning travel months in advance. Very important, too, as your travel dates draw near, always check the current weather report for this city.

Current Billings Weather

Travel tip

Billings has low relative humidity during the summer. The air is dry. Even on days with high temperatures, Billings is very comfortable in the outdoors.

Be inspired to visit the Treasure State, a song to listen to: “Montana On My Mind” by Scioto River Band and Catherine Leigh (MTbest). Download the song on iTunes.
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