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This Web site is for tourists and other travelers who plan to visit Montana. Information on things to do, attractions, lodging and more are featured throughout the site. In addition, special information is included on Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, and northwest Wyoming.

Murray Hotel MT
Historic Hotel, downtown Livingston, Montana. Illustration (with Murray Hotel pic) courtesy Sandy Archives.

On this page: Site Information, site search, custom search,  advertising, contact information, Web addresses, trademark & copyright, feedback, privacy, terms of use, and disclaimer. Plus information about Red Lodge Post.


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Montana Traveler || 2020 ||  Describes things to see and do in Montana: tips on museums, attractions, and outdoor activities;  lists lodging and restaurants; provides links to travel resources and general shopping; provides custom search for travel-related local Montana Web sites; lists Montana travel publications.


History and Quick Facts || Travel Planning || Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts

Yellowstone: Glendive, Miles City, Billings, Red Lodge, Yellowstone National Park, Livingston

Wonderland: Bozeman, Boulder, Butte, Missoula, Hamilton.

Ranchland: Roundup, Harlowton, Lewistown, White Sulphur Springs, Townsend, Helena

Discoveryland: Culbertson, Glasgow, Havre, Great Falls

The Wilderness: Glacier National Park, Kalispell, Polson, Ronan, Whitefish


Readers can find specific information/pages in this Website using a native search tool which is displayed at multiple locations: First look for the small green search box showing a hand-held magnifying glass near the Header at the top of every Web page.

In addition, a search box appears near the top of and on the right side of each Web page. Lastly a search box appears at the bottom of Web pages. Scroll down, locate the MONTANA TRAVELER SEARCH.  Enter the terms horseback riding to get a feel for how the search system works.


Search for local Montana businesses/organizations, which provide services to tourists and other travelers. has built a special search tool (based on custom Google search) that lists and indexes thousands of local Montana Websites. Called MTsearch this tool is useful for finding detailed travel-related information, most of which is not included in


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In addition to regular Web pages in this Web site, short, timely pieces of content are occasionally written and published in Red Lodge PostThis content aims to share special nuggets of useful and interesting information on travel in Montana U.S.A.  Visitors and residents alike are the main audience for Red Lodge Posts.

Submissions to Red Lodge Post are welcome from the public.  Before you start writing, tell us about your idea for a “story.”  Submissions are only accepted after direct invitation by the Administrator of Red Lodge Post. No guarantee that your story will be published, however, as publication of submission(s) is entirely at the discretion of the publisher.  Submit your idea here. Thank you.

Here is an example of a recent published submission from Karisa in Lewistown.

Header for posts written by contributors to Red Lodge Post.

How to find and view posts:

From the secondary Menu on the right side of each Web page, click on the link for Red Lodge Post – Read and Learn. Full-text (or links to full-text) of all posts will display.

The titles of many posts in Red Lodge Post also display on regular pages in this Web site  under the heading “Experience the Treasure State.”  From a desk-top computer posts display on right side of the screen. On mobile devices, scroll to the bottom of each page to see posts.

A topical index is another convenient way to find each post inside Red Lodge Post. A navigation sidebar labeled “Red Lodge Post Topics to Explore” displays on each page. An index entry for “guest ranches” shows two (2) posts, for example.

Content in Red Lodge Post, regular Web pages, and “comments” related to each regular Web page is searchable from  SEARCH MONTANA TRAVELER,  a custom site search tool for

Red Lodge Post is subject to Terms of Use, Disclaimer, Privacy, and Copyright as stated above on this Web page.

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