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Current Weather in Montana


Plan for a change in the weather

It was a bitter cold winter day in Billings. Snow swirled across city streets and residential front yards. Then a chinook wind came down from the mountains. In a matter of a few hours, the weather turned balmy and the snow was gone. Much as if spring had arrived early.

Children rushed outside to play in parks. Retired folks headed out for their favorite golf course. A good time go outside and wash the car, too. This, in February, in south-central Montana.

Further to the west, in Bozeman, summer daytime temperatures are pleasant. But as soon as the sun slips behind the mountains, the temperature starts to drop in a matter of minutes. A Hawaiian shirt by day and a comfortable wool sweater or jacket by night is a common coping strategy for many.

Indeed, the weather in every area of Montana can change quickly. This is true on the plains and in the mountains and in every season. Be prepared if you are traveling in Montana. Doubly so if you plan to spend any time in the great outdoors.

Crazy Mountains MT
Crazy Mountains near Big Timber, Mont. Snow can fall at higher elevations in any season. Photo courtesy Crazy Mountain Museum.

The widgets on this page give current weather conditions for selected cities and an idea of what the forecast holds for days to follow.





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Be inspired to visit the Treasure State, a song to listen to: “Montana On My Mind” by Scioto River Band and Catherine Leigh (MTbest). Download the song on iTunes.

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