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Mountain Men Rendezvous


The era of the mountain men, the most active period being roughly 1810-1850, is one of the most interesting periods in northern Rocky Mountain history. People who live in Montana have not forgotten this special period.

Mountan men
Painting by Alfred Jacob Miller (1810-1874) of mountain men crossing a stream.

Modern day folks gather to celebrate the culture and history of mountain men at rendezvous events. This summer, Sapphire Mountain Men, a dedicated bunch of locals in western Montana, will put on a great show.

For 2021, the Wild Horse Rendezvous, near Missoula, is on go, May 28-31.  Active participation or just hanging out at this rendezvous is okay.  Public welcome. Vendors come too with period clothing and food.

No Green River excesses (like wild days in the 1830s when mountain men gathered in Green River, Wyoming) at this rendezvous. This event is pure family fun. Contact: sapphiremountainmen@gmail.com.

For a brief account of the life of a famous mountain man, read about Thomas Fitzpatrick in blog post by Joe Gannon.

Visit the Sapphire Mountain Men Web site.

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